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#TechBlab Episode 10 – Screen Recording Apps for Courses, Webinars & more!

Watch the Replay: Episode 10

Screenflow for Mac
Camtasia for PC + Mac
Reflector 2 (For wireless mirroring of your Phone)
Explain Everything
Recording Skype Calls
Ecamm Call Recorder: – Mac
Pamela: – Windows
Mobile Screen Recording
AZ Screen Recorded (For Android)
Record Animated GIF from Screen
Tools for Taking Screenshots
Default Computer Screenshot Options:
Command + Shift + 3 = Take Full Screenshot
Command + Shift + 4 = Take a Screenshot of just an area
If you install dropbox it allows you to save all screenshots inside dropbox in a folder for easy sharing.
Print Screen
IOS – Home + power button
Android – Volume down + Power
Samsung – push and hold both the power button+home button at the same time. Briefly push and hold both buttons and let go
On the Galaxy S3 and up just swipe your palm across the screen
Tailor – Automatic Screenshot Stitching (IOS)
Skitch: Screenshot + Annotation
Lightshot (Mac/Windows/Chrome)
The Ultimate IFTTT Guide: Use The Web’s Most Powerful Tool Like A Pro:
Make Animated Text in Video

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#TechBlab Episode 9 – Apps for Making DIY Graphics for Social Media

Watch the Replay: Episode 9

Image Creation/Editing Tools (Web):

Canva –
Pic Monkey –
Relay That –
iDraw –

Apps for your Phone:

Photo Wonder

Making Logos:

Making infographics

Find Designers/Outsource:

Stock Photos:

A great tool for placing your image to:

Help Choose the correct colors to go with you images:

#TechBlab Episode 7 – Online Advertising (FB/Twitter/Google Adwords)

Catch the Replay here:

Google Ads:

#TechBlab Episode 6 – How to Work Remotely / On the Go (Apps/Tips/Workflow)

Catch the Replay here:


Getting started with Google Docs –

Chrome Remote Desktop –…/gbchcmhmhahfdphkhkmpfmihenigjmp…

Slack –

Sqwiggle –

Email Management:

Mailbox –

Sanebox –

Sortd –


Gas buddy –

Google Maps for hotels over any hotel app & sometimes even yelp –

Waze –

Square –

Yelp –

Notes & organization:

Pocket –

Evernote –

Simple note –


Portable chargers here are a few I own and use daily:

Anker mini –


Square –

PayPal payments –

Bttn –

Flic –

Orb Next –

##TechBlab Episode 5 – Awesome WordPress Plugins & Themes to Turbo Charge any Site

Catch the Replay here:


Divi –

EP 04 – Help us Create a Top 10 App List! Pitch your favorite in the hot seat!

Watch the Replay!

Top 10 Apps for September:

1. Streak App –
2. Level Money –
3. Password Box –
4. Invoice Ninja –
6. Boss Jock App –
8. Nobze –
10. Body Weight App –

Honorable Mentions:

iDraw (iPad/Mac only) –
Package Buddy (Android )

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#TechBlab Episode 03 – Our Top 10 Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

EP 03 – Our Top 10 Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

Recommended Podcast Apps

Pocket Casts: All Devices –
iOS has native
Stitcher –

Our Top 10 Podcasts

Not in any specific order.

1. Mixergy.com

2. Smart Passive Income –


4. Eventual Millionaire by Jamie Tardy –

5. Charlene Johnson –

6. Chris Ducker – New Business Podcast –

7. Tim Ferris Show (Not Business always) –

8. Amy Porterfield – Online Marketing Made Easy –

9. Internet Business Mastery Podcast –

10. Kates Take –

Apps of the week & mentions (IOS/Android)

Sunrise Calendar –
Available for iOS, Android, Mac, Google Chrome Extension and any web browser

Recommendation from @lesliesamuel

Boss Jock –

#TechBlab Episode 02: Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

#TechBlab Episode 01: Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs  

– Managing Inbox / Tips for Emails
– Delegation (VA)
– Meditation – CalmHeadspace
– Pomodoro Technique
– Use Apps & services that sync with all your devices and can be collaborated on
– Don’t keep social media apps and games on front screen on phone
– Keep games in a folder
IFTTT (This then that)
     – Cool Recipes (Add instagram photos to twitter/buffer queue, Blog posts to buffer, Buffer articles you save for later in feedly, download FB photos to Dropbox, auto tweet to new followers or specific followers etc).

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#TechBlab Episode 01: Having your own website vs just a social profile

Tech Blabs Top 5 reasons you need a website

  1. Credibility – If you want to look professional you need a website not just a Facebook page.
  2. It’s your hub – Not everyone looks at the about page & pictures. Some only look at recent posts.
  3. Build your list – You can’t post something and assume everyone will see it. Have an email sign up on your site and you have more access than ever to be right in front of your client or customer.
  4. You own it – Social media is always changing, and thats not always good. You change your website when YOU want.
  5. Sales – You’re limited to selling on Social. Social is a great way to send people to your web store where they can neatly find all your items.
Options for creating a quick personal website:
3. Wix
4. Weebly
Options for creating a quick blog
Options for creating Landing pages/profiles: