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#TechBlab Episode 45 – Local Business… do you even wanna grow?

This is a replay of the live broadcast #Techblab


Google My Business
Google Map Maker
Google Webmaster Tools – International Targeting
Local Business Markup (Schema)
SEM Rush
Build Local citation
Generate Local Adwords & Keyword Lists
Google Adwords – $75 Free Credit
Google – $100 Free Credit
Bing $50 Coupon
Skype starts rolling out group video calling for iOS and Android, beginning with North America and Western Europe today, with worldwide availability in March
How to turn your sluggish old Mac or PC into a faster Chromebook
Twitter will now let you record and share videos in Direct Messages
Facebook Will Make Instant Articles Available to All Publishers
Now anyone with a website and a Facebook page anywhere in the world will be able to take advantage of the program, which lets publishers host content directly on Facebook instead of posting links to direct users back to their own sites.
For publishers, the economics of the arrangement were compelling: those that sell ads against an article posted on the site keep 100% of the money. If Facebook sells the ad, the publisher keeps 70% of the revenue.
At the beginning, Facebook had limited the volume and types of ads publishers were allowed to sell for content posted as Instant Articles. But in recent months, Facebook has eased the restrictions, and some publishers now say stories posted on the site generate the same amount of ad revenue on a per-view basis as pageviews on their own mobile sites.

#TechBlab Episode 44 – All about Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Windows/Macs/Mobile and other apps

Split View Press hold the green expand icon
Cmd + Shift + T = Re open closed Tabs one by one (Works on all browsers)
Cmd + Shift + V = Paste (Without any formatting)
Holding down option while you left/right click on any program gives you tons of options. For example hold Option and click on the Wifi icon, or Hold option and write click on any running program (You can force quit).
Option + Shift + Vol up or down = Precise volume control
Command  + Shift +4 = Screenshot Region
Command  + Shift +3 = Screenshot full Screen
Command + option + Esc = Force Quit
Command  + Space = Spotlight Search
Command + Tab = Scroll through running apps
Select multiple files + Command + Control + N = Put them in a new folder
Command + Click = Open link in new tab
Ctrl + Shift + power/eject button = Lock your mac
Double Tap Function to use Siri Dictations
Press & hold the green expand button on the top left corned to enable split view. After you lock the first window select one of the available windows to lock it into place.
Win Key + D = Show Desktop
Ctrl + Shift + T = Re open closed Tabs one by one (Works on all browsers)
Win Key + Left Arrow / Right Arrow = Snap Two Window for Side by Side comparison.
Ctrl + Shift + V = Paste (Without any formatting)
Alt + Prt Screen = Screenshot your active Window to a File
Windows Key + Prt screen =  Screenshot your Entire Window to a File (Saved in your Photos Folder)
Windows Key + L = Lock your screen
Ctrl + Drag a file = Make a copy of the file
Ctrl + Left Arrow = Delete an Entire word during writing (Big time saver compared to using backspace and deleting letter by letter)
Windows Key + E = Opens up My computer / Explorer / Your drive
Press & hold the power + home button until the Apple logo shows up to do a forced restart
On the lock screen when a notification is visible swipe to the left to show options like reply on certain apps.
iPhone 6s/6s Plus ONLY: Press with pressure to enable force touch for extra options.
Press & Hold: Pressing & holding on icons, apps and almost anywhere will let you have more options or re-organize a list or icon.
Swipe down on the status bar to go straight to the extra options like wifi and bluetooth.
Swipe down on a notification to reveal extra options on apps like email to reply or archive.
SAMSUNG ONLY: Press and hold the multi tasking icon is similar to right clicking on a mouse. It opens a settings window.

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#TechBlab Ep 43 – Top 10 Apps

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Saad Kamal & Sean McKenna


Promo, the instant video creation platform from Slidely. Promo is a one stop video creation system. It’s simple, efficient and 100% optimized for social.
Yapply is an online content discovery and social networking service that enables its users to have realtime conversations on any web page.
Miranda is a great app for scheduling across multiple time zones. I am now using this for all future meetings.
ProShot by Edward Kezeli
Superimpose Studio by Pocket Bits LLC
Youtube to Facebook Share
Facebook Canvas
Html Signature Generator
Find and Compare the Best Tools for your Startup
Entrepreneur Tools
Apple likely to debut iPad Air 3 at March event; new Apple Watch models revealed
Apple is planning to introduce new iPad hardware at an event in mid-March, according to sources, with the most likely device being a new iPad Air. This new iPad with a 9.7-inch screen, presumably to be called the “iPad Air 3,” will be launched alongside the a new 4-inch iPhone known as the “iPhone 5se” and a series of new Apple Watch models. Apple is currently planning to hold its keynote during the week of March 14th, but the final date is still in flux, according to sources.
Google speeds up Chrome for iOS with Apple’s WKWebView, launches Data Saver extension out of beta
A week after launching Chrome 48 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Google has released Chrome 48 for iOS with a big focus on performance and stability. The company has also launched its Data Saver extension for the desktop out of beta. You can download the latest Chrome for iOS version from Apple’s App Store and the Data Saver extension from the Chrome Web Store.
Thanks to WKWebView’s out-of-process rendering, when the web view crashes or runs out of memory, it doesn’t take down Chrome with it. As a result, the company’s browser now crashes 70 percent less on Apple’s mobile platform
Unlockd signs US deal with Boost Mobile worth up to $100 million
Mobile customers can reduce their phone bills by $5 per month by displaying targeted ads, offers and content from brands and media companies including Starbucks, Levi’s and Lyft at various times when they unlock their handset.
Pandora Revamps Its App To Better Compete With Spotify, Apple Music

#TechBlab Ep 42 – You #Beta check this out… #apps

This is a replay of the live broadcas

Live interactive podcasting with your Twitter followers
Watch your YouTube videos in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode from anywhere.
Music Memos by Apple
An app to capture your song ideas. Whenever inspiration strikes.
*Note to sean – Show this if we have time
ShareTube – Watch YouTube videos with friends, synced to the second
Adobe Voice 2.0 Make stunning explainer videos – in minutes. Now on iPhone.
A beautiful medication reminder and pill tracker
One Click Customer Feedback powered by Stripe.
An email based survey is sent a period of time before or after they are billed. Customers can answer directly from the email giving you a score of 1-10.




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#TechBlab Episode 41 – Does Your #Website Suck?

This is a replay of the live broadcast with TechBloke (Saad) and Sean McKenna – #TechBlab – Grade your website’s strengths and weaknesses in seconds. – trim US & Canada ONLY. trim will help you find subscriptions you forgot about or don’t know about. – More stock photos – Create Mobile App Prototypes on Mac. Creo is a next generation Mac tool which aims to combine the Design and Development process into a single easy to use application.!/id1071013079 – Zoom Gif. Zoom in on pictures and make them Gif. – BTT Remote is a great universal iPhone/iPad app which allows you to remote control your Mac (on which the free BetterTouchTool has to be installed) – version 3 of the popular free stock photo site. – $25 standing desk – 4th version of the beautiful looking password manager – Peach for android – Scrape data from the web -Design & Send Snail mails – Chrome Extension to make quick videos of things you find on the web. – Ready Mag Animations. You can use these to make your website come alive – Peach for the Desktop!!

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#TechBlab Ep 40 – Top 10 Apps – Jan 2016

This is a replay of the live broadcast


To:Day – Event planner, day counter, to-do list & task manager by Wenjun Zhao
Peach — a space for friends by Byte Inc.
Cortana by Microsoft Corporation
Day One (Journal / Notes / Diary) by Bloom Built, LLC
My Wonderful Days Lite : Private Daily Journal/Diary by haha Interactive
Netflix Super Browse:
Laundry Day – Scan Clothing Laundry Tags– One page website for free – Create Logos for free with Symbols – Schedule your tasks in your calendar automatically – Pablo Chrome Extension to create engaging images for social media – Manage emails better – Track your daily caffeine intake  – News with emojis
From the comments  – @BurginCo

#Techblab Episode 39 – Whats new from CES 2016

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Lenovo Link

 A small dongle that costs just $40, it allows your computer to become an extension of your smartphone and vice versa, with one end featuring a standard USB port and the other, a microUSB port to plug into your smartphone.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator
The Family Hub Refrigerator has a 21.5-inch Full HD monitor and stereo speakers, and is so-called because it will give access to other smarthome devices that work on the same standards as the company’s SmartThings platform.
You will even be able to bring up recipes on the monitor and there is an interior camera so you don’t even have to open the door to see what’s inside. Samsung is yet to announce a price or release date for the fridge.
Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar

Fisher Price announced the Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar at CES 2016, a coding toy designed to help children as young as three understand the foundations of coding, like thinking skills, problem solving and sequencing.

The Code-A-Pillar is a motorised caterpillar that features eight tail sections which can be snapped together in whatever order you want it to perform tasks in. For example, turn left, right, pause, straight on or flash its lights.

#Techblab Episode 35 – New Year’s Resolutions & Goals

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Saad Kamal, Sean McKenna With guests: djjaron, Mat Sherman, Cliff Bodenweiser, Kevin Mullett, and Adam Tech


  1. – Daily Focus, Accountability and Success. Achieve daily goals with support from your peers.
  2. – Set your goals & Achieve them
  3. Evernote –
  4. – Send yourself an email in the future.
  5. Audio Books – Read 2 Books for Free:
  6. – Ultimate Habit Building app
  9. – Organize your brain
  10. 30/30 – Timer + Task –
  11. Any.Do –
  12. –
  13. Linkedin Connected – Get a better job –
  14. Happier – Daily Gratitude Journal –
  15. Level – Track your Expenses: