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#Techblab Ep 32 – Smart Home Automation

This is a replay of the live broadcast with TechBloke (Saad) and Sean McKenna – #TechBlab

Open Source and works with more smart devices than any
Samsung Smart Home Hub
Phillips Hue Starter Kit
Nest Thermostat
Nest is working with more and more products
SmartThings Touchscreen Deadbolt
SmartSense Presence Sensor
Smart Doorbell
For your Car

The Dropbox owned Mailbox App is shutting down…

So as many of you know I love Mailbox and have been using it since it was in beta. Well I just received an email from them telling me as of February 26, 2016 it’s over. They mention over services are using their swiping and reminder features but in my opinion none of them accomplish this as well. Between this and the demise of Sunrise Calendar I’m running out of favorite apps! Maybe instead of using 3rd party I’ll just wait until Apple or Google rip them off become inspired? We shall see, in the mean time here is the official email I received tonight. See you all on #techblab!

It’s with heavy hearts that we let you know Mailbox will shut down on February 26, 2016.
Mailbox ignited a shift in mobile email and many of its innovations are now ubiquitous across the industry. It’s been a great journey, and we’re proud of this impact and grateful to the community that helped make it possible. 
When the Mailbox team joined Dropbox in 2013, we shared a passion for simplifying the way people work together. And solving the email problem seemed like a strong complement to the challenges Dropbox was already tackling.
But as we’ve increased our focus on collaboration, we realized there’s only so much an email app can do to fundamentally improve email. We’ve come to believe that the best way for us to improve people’s productivity going forward is to streamline the workflows that generate so much email in the first place.
We know saying goodbye to Mailbox will be hard for many. To help make the transition to a new email client easier, we’ve created guides and export tools. For more information about how we’ll be winding down Mailbox, please visit the Mailbox website.
Thank you to everyone who helped bring Mailbox to life, whether by spreading the word, letting us know what you liked (and didn’t like), or simply using the product. You taught us so much, and we’re deeply grateful.
—The Mailbox Team

#TechBlab Episode 16 – Planning a Trip? Top Apps for #Travel #Flights #Hotel

Watch the replay HERE


#TechBlab’s Top Apps for traveling

These are not in any significant order. Leave any additional apps or websites in the comments below and we’ll check them out and add them to our list! Enjoy!

#TechBlab Episode 13 Mobile Photography (Apps/Tips)

It’s time to think twice before you buy a regular old point and shoot nowadays. Alex Koloskov gives a great demonstration HERE to show you exactly how amazing the camera phone can be. Below is the link to watch the show, and all of the accessories & apps discussed are listed below.

Catch the Replay:


olloclip is a family of mobile photo lens systems for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Samsung Galaxy S. Includes fisheye, wide-angle, macro and telephoto lenses. –
SHOULDERPOD – Professional smartphone equipment. iPhone 6 tripod mount holder & grip handle
Professional smartphone equipment for mobile creatives. iPhone 6 plus tripod mount holder and grip handle also for Samsung Galaxy S4 S5, Sony Xperia Z1, Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia, HTC One

Xshot Camera Extender
XShot GoPro Poles, Selfie Sticks, and Camera Extenders – the original since 2007. Travel-ready gear for your camera or mobile phone to handle any adventure!
E‑M10 – System Cameras ; Micro 4/3 Cameras – OM-D – Olympus
System Cameras ; Micro 4/3 Cameras

iKross –Wireless Bluetooth Monopod Selfie Handheld Extendable Stick Pole with Mount Holder –


Camera +
Adobe Photoshop Fix by Adobe
TouchRetouch HD by Adva-Soft
Photo Blender – Double Exposure & SuperImpose Image Effects by YALING TU

Android & iOS Apps

PhotoFunia by Capsule Digital Ltd
Available on almost every device you can think of

#TechBlab Episode 11 – Top Apps for September

Catch the replay here!


Duolingo – Learn a Foreign Language
Elevate – Train your brain
5 Minute Journal app
Spentable App (Track your Expenses/Keep a Budget)
*Also available for Apple Watch
YouTube kids
Google Keep – Your thoughts, wherever you are by Google, Inc.
dscout by dscout
Wdgts – A Collection of Notification Center & Watch Widgets by Tanmay Sonawane
Try this IF Recipe: Build a Twitter List from a specific #hashtag

Apps recommended by you!

Get money back when prices drop!
Life 360
Track location
Represent – Get merchandise made with no upfront cost!
Visage Lab – photo retouch & skin editor, face tune makeup genius beauty plus
Companion App
Inside News App

#TechBlab Episode 03 – Our Top 10 Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

EP 03 – Our Top 10 Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

Recommended Podcast Apps

Pocket Casts: All Devices –
iOS has native
Stitcher –

Our Top 10 Podcasts

Not in any specific order.

1. Mixergy.com

2. Smart Passive Income –


4. Eventual Millionaire by Jamie Tardy –

5. Charlene Johnson –

6. Chris Ducker – New Business Podcast –

7. Tim Ferris Show (Not Business always) –

8. Amy Porterfield – Online Marketing Made Easy –

9. Internet Business Mastery Podcast –

10. Kates Take –

Apps of the week & mentions (IOS/Android)

Sunrise Calendar –
Available for iOS, Android, Mac, Google Chrome Extension and any web browser

Recommendation from @lesliesamuel

Boss Jock –