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#TechBlab Ep 43 – Top 10 Apps

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Saad Kamal & Sean McKenna


Promo, the instant video creation platform from Slidely. Promo is a one stop video creation system. It’s simple, efficient and 100% optimized for social.
Yapply is an online content discovery and social networking service that enables its users to have realtime conversations on any web page.
Miranda is a great app for scheduling across multiple time zones. I am now using this for all future meetings.
ProShot by Edward Kezeli
Superimpose Studio by Pocket Bits LLC
Youtube to Facebook Share
Facebook Canvas
Html Signature Generator
Find and Compare the Best Tools for your Startup
Entrepreneur Tools
Apple likely to debut iPad Air 3 at March event; new Apple Watch models revealed
Apple is planning to introduce new iPad hardware at an event in mid-March, according to sources, with the most likely device being a new iPad Air. This new iPad with a 9.7-inch screen, presumably to be called the “iPad Air 3,” will be launched alongside the a new 4-inch iPhone known as the “iPhone 5se” and a series of new Apple Watch models. Apple is currently planning to hold its keynote during the week of March 14th, but the final date is still in flux, according to sources.
Google speeds up Chrome for iOS with Apple’s WKWebView, launches Data Saver extension out of beta
A week after launching Chrome 48 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Google has released Chrome 48 for iOS with a big focus on performance and stability. The company has also launched its Data Saver extension for the desktop out of beta. You can download the latest Chrome for iOS version from Apple’s App Store and the Data Saver extension from the Chrome Web Store.
Thanks to WKWebView’s out-of-process rendering, when the web view crashes or runs out of memory, it doesn’t take down Chrome with it. As a result, the company’s browser now crashes 70 percent less on Apple’s mobile platform
Unlockd signs US deal with Boost Mobile worth up to $100 million
Mobile customers can reduce their phone bills by $5 per month by displaying targeted ads, offers and content from brands and media companies including Starbucks, Levi’s and Lyft at various times when they unlock their handset.
Pandora Revamps Its App To Better Compete With Spotify, Apple Music

#TechBlab Ep25 – Top 10 Apps November

#TechBlab Ep25 – Top 10 Apps November

1. Hitchly
Turn any URL to a Phonenumber your visitors can dial in
2. Faceparty
Fun x 4. Shoot killer GIFs, collage them, and share your genius with the universe.
3. Super
Home Ownership Reinvented. A subscription service that will take care of your home maintenance
4. Punkpost
Send hand written cards as easy as texting
5. Get the Font – Download any Font
*this might be a little illegal*
6. Animaker
Make cool Animated videos easily
7. Crowdcast
Webinars Made Easy
8. Unmute
Live broadcast Your Audio Calls (Its like Blab but Audio only)
Join LIVE voice calls happening anywhere in the world. More than just calls, these streams are interactive. When in session, other users can tune in, share photos and comments, and even join the talk if unmuted by the host. ≈ Call your friends • Send voicemails to anyone ∞ Replay calls at anytime ⁄ Save calls to share as a Podcast ∆ Post to Twitter, Facebook, and beyond
9. Fieldbook
Create Database as easy as Excel.
10. Todoist
11.  YouTube Music
12. Replay Video Editor by Stupeflix
13. FREE App of the week 11/15-11/21
PDF Expert 5 – Fill forms, annotate PDFs, sign documents by Readdle
14. Action Launcher 3 for Android
15. Audio Recorder for Andorid by Sony
16. CoEverywhere mentioned by @michaelhernsin
17. Otta Radio mentioned by @Mat_Sherman

#TechBlab Episode 19 – Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

– Google for Work
– Trello
– Dropbox
– OneDrive
– Evernote
Hire VA/Temp Staff
Freedom – Block Distractions
Stormboard – online brainstorming
Domain Search
GumRoad – Sell digital files
Moo Cards
A/B Testing for Websites – Optimizely
Sqwiggle – Team Collaboration, Chat, Video
Theme forest
On Demand business advice
99 Designs
Open source Legal Documents
Product Hunt
Sunrise Calendar-
Flux for eye strain
Mindset Mindmanager
Smart sheet
Harvest for time tracking
17 Hats
Plus and Minus

#TechBlab Episode 15 – Awesome Presentation Apps + Gadgets

Catch the replay HERE

– Apple Keynote (Free with recent Apple computer, iPad or iPhone)
– Google Slides
– Slideshare (For sharing and embedding Presentations)
– (Mix and match your fav presentation tools)
Presenting via Evernote
– Works on Mac or Windows
– Basic account is free, Premium account is $49.99 per year
– Need Premium account to do presentations
– Can do 30-day free trial
– Present your notes directly from Evernote by clicking on presentation mode
– Biggest plus: So much faster to make than PowerPoint or Keynote slides!
– Biggest minus: Limited on formatting the slides
– Blue, pink, green pointers
– Day mode (white background, black text) or Night mode (black background, white text)
– Font scaling
– Use layout editor to make dividing lines between text where you want slides separated
– When you want to share presentations on a secondary monitor, or project them onto a larger screen….
-On Windows or Mac: Set up your secondary monitor from the Control Panel (Windows Desktop) or System Preferences (Mac). On Evernote for Mac, you can even edit a note on your laptop screen while presenting it on a large screen. To do this, simply disable screen “mirroring” before you start presentation mode. Select the ‘Change Screen’ (Ctrl + S) button while in presentation mode to select which monitor to display your notes on.
– On iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Use AirPlay to present to a second screen right from your device.
Places to buy Powerpoint/Keynote themes:
Tools to make quick graphics for Presentation:
Best Places for Free/Paid Stock Photography?
– (Free Stock Photos)
– Adobe Stock:
– (Free)
Best Places to Get Fonts for Presentation/Design
Explainer Video/Corporate Video/Animated Video for Presentation
Camera Awesome
Gadgets for Presentations
– Asus S1 –
– RIF6 Cube –
– AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI Adapter –
– HDE® 10ft. Mini Display Port Male to HDMI Male Cable – Direct Connect Macbook to HDTV
– Ugreen Mini Displayport Adapter Mini Displayport to HDMI VGA 2 in 1 Adapter Converter (Thunderbolt Port Compatible) Premium ABS Case for Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Macbook Air, and Mac Mini White
Create Polls

#TechBlab Episode 14 – Tools for Managing Your Social Media Channels

Catch the reply here:

-Buffer (FB, Twitter, Pinterest) – Free + Paid
-Hootsuite (FB, Twitter, Instagram) – Free + Paid
-Tailwind (Pinterest) – $9/month
-IFTTT (If this then that) – Free
– PostPlanner – $7/month
– CoSchedule – $15/month
Buzz sumo
– Manage Flitter – Free + $12/month option
Twitter Cards
The Everthing Guide to Twitter Cards:
Url shortener with call to action
Video call to action
Text on Images
BuzzSumo (also connects with Buffer) pretty awesome people
Some tools to check on username when starting out in social media. I think keeping usernames across social channels is,
Use “” to find out when my followers are online can also help determine the best times to tweet based on your audience

#TechBlab Episode 13 Mobile Photography (Apps/Tips)

It’s time to think twice before you buy a regular old point and shoot nowadays. Alex Koloskov gives a great demonstration HERE to show you exactly how amazing the camera phone can be. Below is the link to watch the show, and all of the accessories & apps discussed are listed below.

Catch the Replay:


olloclip is a family of mobile photo lens systems for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Samsung Galaxy S. Includes fisheye, wide-angle, macro and telephoto lenses. –
SHOULDERPOD – Professional smartphone equipment. iPhone 6 tripod mount holder & grip handle
Professional smartphone equipment for mobile creatives. iPhone 6 plus tripod mount holder and grip handle also for Samsung Galaxy S4 S5, Sony Xperia Z1, Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia, HTC One

Xshot Camera Extender
XShot GoPro Poles, Selfie Sticks, and Camera Extenders – the original since 2007. Travel-ready gear for your camera or mobile phone to handle any adventure!
E‑M10 – System Cameras ; Micro 4/3 Cameras – OM-D – Olympus
System Cameras ; Micro 4/3 Cameras

iKross –Wireless Bluetooth Monopod Selfie Handheld Extendable Stick Pole with Mount Holder –


Camera +
Adobe Photoshop Fix by Adobe
TouchRetouch HD by Adva-Soft
Photo Blender – Double Exposure & SuperImpose Image Effects by YALING TU

Android & iOS Apps

PhotoFunia by Capsule Digital Ltd
Available on almost every device you can think of

#TechBlab Episode 10 – Screen Recording Apps for Courses, Webinars & more!

Watch the Replay: Episode 10

Screenflow for Mac
Camtasia for PC + Mac
Reflector 2 (For wireless mirroring of your Phone)
Explain Everything
Recording Skype Calls
Ecamm Call Recorder: – Mac
Pamela: – Windows
Mobile Screen Recording
AZ Screen Recorded (For Android)
Record Animated GIF from Screen
Tools for Taking Screenshots
Default Computer Screenshot Options:
Command + Shift + 3 = Take Full Screenshot
Command + Shift + 4 = Take a Screenshot of just an area
If you install dropbox it allows you to save all screenshots inside dropbox in a folder for easy sharing.
Print Screen
IOS – Home + power button
Android – Volume down + Power
Samsung – push and hold both the power button+home button at the same time. Briefly push and hold both buttons and let go
On the Galaxy S3 and up just swipe your palm across the screen
Tailor – Automatic Screenshot Stitching (IOS)
Skitch: Screenshot + Annotation
Lightshot (Mac/Windows/Chrome)
The Ultimate IFTTT Guide: Use The Web’s Most Powerful Tool Like A Pro:
Make Animated Text in Video

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#TechBlab Episode 9 – Apps for Making DIY Graphics for Social Media

Watch the Replay: Episode 9

Image Creation/Editing Tools (Web):

Canva –
Pic Monkey –
Relay That –
iDraw –

Apps for your Phone:

Photo Wonder

Making Logos:

Making infographics

Find Designers/Outsource:

Stock Photos:

A great tool for placing your image to:

Help Choose the correct colors to go with you images:

#TechBlab Episode 7 – Online Advertising (FB/Twitter/Google Adwords)

Catch the Replay here:

Google Ads: