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#Techblab Episode 26 – #Snapchat for Business /w @JedRecord

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Beginners Guide to Using Snapchat by TechBloke
How to Use Music on Snapchat
The Noob’s Guide to Using Snapchat
10 Step Guide: How to Grow a Following on Snapchat
Telling a Story on Snapchat
How to Gain up to 30% More Views on Snapchat within 24 Hours
The Best Account on Snapchat
5 Reasons Your Brand Sucks on Snapchat
Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Snapchat Audience
How Brands Can Reach Mass Audiences on Snapchat
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#TechBlab Episode – 18 Get More Opt-ins/Leads on Your Site (Tools/Apps/Strategies)


#TechBlab Episode – 18 Get More Opt-ins/Leads on Your Site (Tools/Apps/Strategies)

What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?

– Relate to knowledge they lacks
– It should also solve their particular problem
– Can be easily digestible within minutes
– Lead magnet need to tie back with your product in the backend and their buying intent.

Types of Lead Magnets:

– E-books and white papers
– Minicourses via email
– Cheat sheets
– Video or video series
– Audio recording, podcast
– Free course / webinar
– Assessment or test
– Free coupons
– How to be a smart buyer of X
– Things you need to know before buying Y
– Free online tools (home decor planner, pet optimal nutrition calculator, car online custom tuning etc)
– Free Shipping
– Quiz
– Giveaway / Contest
– Workbook
– Tools List
– Printable
– Private Facebook Group
– Consultation Call 1-1

Coming up with Content for Lead Magnet:

1 ) What are the top 3 questions you are constantly asked when people want to know about your business?
(These common questions are a perfect starting point to help you start seeing what your audience most needs from you)

2) What are your audience’s PAIN POINTS? (Figuring out what keeps them up at night and the obstacles that get in their way will help you understand their needs and become even more valuable to them.)

3) What sort of value can you add that your ideal audience wont be able to pass up?

3. Questions to Ask: (Try to get 3 Yes)

-Is it so irresistible that your audience will actually feel they’ve missed out if they pass it up?

-Will your lead magnet get your audience results, save them money or solve a problem?

-Will their positive outcome happen quickly? (Remit Sethi – How to save Annual Fees on Credit Cards)

Researching Lead Magnet Ideas:

2. Google Adwords Keyword Planner
3. BuzzSumo

Tools for Creating opt-in Boxes

Facebook Lead Ads

Sumo Me
– List Builder
– Welcome Matt
– Scroll Box
– Smart Bar

Option Monster – $9/month / $49 – year
– Exit Intent® Technology
– Page Level Targeting
– A/B Split Testing
– drag & drop builder
– Mobile only popups


– $89 per year (For all Plugins + Themes of Elegant themes)
– locked content form
– Form Triggers (e.g After Purchase, Show on certain pages)
Types of Opt-ins:

Email Opt in Boxes

-Giveaway – $198

List Fusion

Booking / Consultation

#TechBlab Episode 14 – Tools for Managing Your Social Media Channels

Catch the reply here:

-Buffer (FB, Twitter, Pinterest) – Free + Paid
-Hootsuite (FB, Twitter, Instagram) – Free + Paid
-Tailwind (Pinterest) – $9/month
-IFTTT (If this then that) – Free
– PostPlanner – $7/month
– CoSchedule – $15/month
Buzz sumo
– Manage Flitter – Free + $12/month option
Twitter Cards
The Everthing Guide to Twitter Cards:
Url shortener with call to action
Video call to action
Text on Images
BuzzSumo (also connects with Buffer) pretty awesome people
Some tools to check on username when starting out in social media. I think keeping usernames across social channels is,
Use “” to find out when my followers are online can also help determine the best times to tweet based on your audience

#TechBlab Episode 9 – Apps for Making DIY Graphics for Social Media

Watch the Replay: Episode 9

Image Creation/Editing Tools (Web):

Canva –
Pic Monkey –
Relay That –
iDraw –

Apps for your Phone:

Photo Wonder

Making Logos:

Making infographics

Find Designers/Outsource:

Stock Photos:

A great tool for placing your image to:

Help Choose the correct colors to go with you images:

#TechBlab Episode 7 – Online Advertising (FB/Twitter/Google Adwords)

Catch the Replay here:

Google Ads: