#TechBlab Episode 44 – All about Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Windows/Macs/Mobile and other apps

Split View Press hold the green expand icon
Cmd + Shift + T = Re open closed Tabs one by one (Works on all browsers)
Cmd + Shift + V = Paste (Without any formatting)
Holding down option while you left/right click on any program gives you tons of options. For example hold Option and click on the Wifi icon, or Hold option and write click on any running program (You can force quit).
Option + Shift + Vol up or down = Precise volume control
Command  + Shift +4 = Screenshot Region
Command  + Shift +3 = Screenshot full Screen
Command + option + Esc = Force Quit
Command  + Space = Spotlight Search
Command + Tab = Scroll through running apps
Select multiple files + Command + Control + N = Put them in a new folder
Command + Click = Open link in new tab
Ctrl + Shift + power/eject button = Lock your mac
Double Tap Function to use Siri Dictations
Press & hold the green expand button on the top left corned to enable split view. After you lock the first window select one of the available windows to lock it into place.
Win Key + D = Show Desktop
Ctrl + Shift + T = Re open closed Tabs one by one (Works on all browsers)
Win Key + Left Arrow / Right Arrow = Snap Two Window for Side by Side comparison.
Ctrl + Shift + V = Paste (Without any formatting)
Alt + Prt Screen = Screenshot your active Window to a File
Windows Key + Prt screen =  Screenshot your Entire Window to a File (Saved in your Photos Folder)
Windows Key + L = Lock your screen
Ctrl + Drag a file = Make a copy of the file
Ctrl + Left Arrow = Delete an Entire word during writing (Big time saver compared to using backspace and deleting letter by letter)
Windows Key + E = Opens up My computer / Explorer / Your drive
Press & hold the power + home button until the Apple logo shows up to do a forced restart
On the lock screen when a notification is visible swipe to the left to show options like reply on certain apps.
iPhone 6s/6s Plus ONLY: Press with pressure to enable force touch for extra options.
Press & Hold: Pressing & holding on icons, apps and almost anywhere will let you have more options or re-organize a list or icon.
Swipe down on the status bar to go straight to the extra options like wifi and bluetooth.
Swipe down on a notification to reveal extra options on apps like email to reply or archive.
SAMSUNG ONLY: Press and hold the multi tasking icon is similar to right clicking on a mouse. It opens a settings window.

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